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Dementia: diagnosis and treatment [risorsa elettronica]


Dementia is a chronic degenerative disease. It is clinically characterized by loss of memory, one or more cognitive impairments, disturbances of personal and social behaviour. Due to the increase of the aging population, prevalence of dementia is increasing too as well as related health costs.

However, apart from rare potentially reversible cases, at present dementia is neither a preventable nor a treatable disease. Available therapies can only slow its course and restrain behavioural disturbances.

This Guide Line is aimed to provide General Practioners with evidence-based and updated recommendations regarding diagnosis, pharmacological and non pharmacological treatments.



Dementia : diagnosis and treatment [risorsa elettronica] : guideline. - (SNLG Regions ; 15)

I. Consiglio sanitario regionale, Toscana
II. Toscana. Direzione generale diritti di cittadinanza e coesione sociale
III. Bavazzano, Antonio
1. Demenza – Diagnosi e terapia – Linee guida

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