Settimana dell'innovazione nello sviluppo rurale 26-29 marzo 2019: i contributi

Presentazioni / Event presentations

26th March 2019

Session 1 - The role of Rural Development Programme in fostering innovation.
A perspective from the Tuscany Region RDP 2014-2020 experience and from other European Regions

Workshop 1 - Connect Rural Development and the Smart Specialisation Strategy

Workshop 2 - Improving the regional knowledge and innovation system (AKIS)

Workshop 3 - Promote cooperation and EIP AGRI

27th March 2019

Session 2 - "Thematic S3 Platform for Agri-Food" Working Committee Semi Annual Meeting
Presentations are available at this link:

Session 3 - Rosewood H2020 project "Business Development Seminar" Business idea creation workshops - 4th Rosewood Southern Hub Meeting.

Presentations based on the most promising Hub Best Practices:

  • Forest Sharing, Yamuna Gianbastiani & Francesca Giannetti (Bluebiloba Spin-Off of the University of Florence)

Session 5 - ERIAFF Annual Conference: the European Region for Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Forestry

Presentation of regional experiences in multi-fund programming approaches and strategies


28th March 2019   Parallel Workshops

Forest Innovation/Bioregions

Technical meeting of the S3 Partnership High Tech Farming

  • CLIMATE KIC Remco Kranendonk, Wageningen Environmental Research
  • Pilot case FRESHFRUIT Philippos Papadopoulus, Director of Strategic Project Management Office American Farm School

Personalised Nutrition Value Networks

Social Innovation


ERIAFF Communication WG


29th March 2019

VISIT 1 - Horticulture pathway

Introduction to Vannucci Piante - the characteristics and dimensions of the Ornamental nursery sector in Pistoia in the context of National and European nursery sector.
Luca Incrocci, University of Pisa - Emilio Resta, Vannucci Piante

  • The Strategic Plan of the AUTOFITOVIV Operational Group Emilio Resta, Vannucci Piante

VISIT 2 – Forest pathway

VISIT 3 – Precision agriculture pathway


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