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Le elezioni comunali del 2016 in tre grandi città italiane / 2016 administrative election in the big Italian cities (Milan, Bologna, Naples)

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Da Formentini a Sala. L'elezione diretta del sindaco a Milano (1993-2016) / From Formentini to Sala: direct mayoral election in Milan (1993-2016) - Rinaldo Vignati (Univ. Bologna)
The article retraces the last 20 years of direct mayoral election in Milan. It shows how the changes in institutional and electoral settings influenced both the party system and the voters' electoral responses. The first part of the article retraces the strategies of alliances and the choice of candidates made by the main coalitions. The second part estimates the flows of votes using the Goodman model. In order to quantify the mobility
of Milanese electorate a typology of voters is proposed (stable, converted, absent, etc.). The third part analyses some indexes to assess the degree of bipolarism, fragmentation and personalisation of the city party system. In a context more and more volatile and tripolar, Milan is now one of the more bipolar city in Italy.

Vent'anni di elezione diretta del sindaco a Bologna / Twenty years of direct mayoral election in Bologna - Marta Regalia (Univ. LUISS Roma) e Marco Valbruzzi (IUE Fiesole)
The article retraces the last 20 years of direct mayoral election in Bologna. It shows how the changes in institutional and electoral settings influenced both the party system and voters' electoral responses. By analysing the electoral history of the city, we also show that personalization raised, electoral competition became more (bi)polarized, electoral turnout gradually decreased, voting results became less and less predictable attenuating Bologna past exceptionalism. This article fills a gap in a literature that has not yet offered a longitudinal study of electoral changes in Bologna since the 1990s. More precisely, the article gives an analysis of both the political supply and the electoral flows to understand how party system has changed and if and how voters have become more mobile.

Napoli 1993-2016. Da Bassolino a De Magistris: solo andata? / Naples, 1993-2016: A one-way trip from Bassolino to De Magistris? - Domenico Fruncillo (Univ. Salerno) e Michelangelo Gentilini (Univ. Bologna)
In this paper, we assess whether, and to what extent, the direct election of the mayor generated a break with previous administrative and political traditions in Naples. We begin by showing that the new rules for the election of the mayor and City Council, in line with Law no. 81 (approved in March 1993), have contributed to the stability and continuity of municipal administrations. In addition, they have triggered changes in the parties and candidates that stand for election. The latter have gradually become more independent from the national political sphere, more sensitive to the demands of the local context and more open to incursions by civil society. Changes in parties and candidates have also been accompanied by changes in voting behavior. Flow analyses reveal significant movements of votes from one election to another and even between two rounds of the same election. Finally, there have been changes in the form of the local political system.
Direct election provides incentives for a personalization of politics and the formation of a new local leadership. The Mayors who have been elected in Naples since 1993 have very different political histories, but all clearly understood that the Mayor is now the dominant actor in local politics.

Le elezioni nel mondo / Elections in the World - Stefano Rombi (Univ. Cagliari)

  • Croazia
  • Grecia
  • Polonia
  • Portogallo
  • Spagna
  • Svizzera


  • Burkina Faso
  • Tanzania


  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Trinidad e Tobago
  • Venezuela


  • Turchia

Le elezioni in Italia / Elections in Italy - Aldo Paparo e Matteo Cataldi (CISE)
Referendum costituzionale 2016: il fallimento dell'agenda Renzi

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