"Every Drop Counts"

23 May 2012

"Every Drop Counts". This is the motto behind the 2012 edition of the European Green Week (www.greenweek-2012.eu). A European Commission’s initiative to be held from 22 to 26 May 2012.This motto is a timely one and the Tuscany Region welcomes the opportunity to fully take on board its sentiment by bringing to Brussels for one day the most advanced regional experiences in the field of water conservation.

"Considering the main topic of the event, namely the water, - said Enrico Rossi - for us the participation of Tuscany to the Green Week 2012 is a mandatory passage, in which we have tried to involve the widest range of Tuscan stakeholders to bring in Europe the most advanced experiences from our territory ".

Three thematic workshops and a one-day show case exhibition highlighting contributions by public and private Tuscany stakeholders will be the centre piece of efforts to maximise the Tuscan presence in Brussels during the Green Week.

The movable dams and flood control in Grosseto, the largest depuration plants of boron and arsenic in Europe, the monitoring of the marine environment as a result of the disaster of the Costa Concordia are just a few of the experiences that will be presented during the day.

The goal is to share best practices and to explore the possibility of establishing collaborations and partnerships at European level, which could constitute an added value for Tuscany’s approach and for future developments in research, innovation and economic development.

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