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Turismo, la nuova legge regionale: "Testo unico sul sistema turistico regionale"

Una nuova Legge di sistema che aggiorna e modifica sensibilmente la precedente legge del 2000 La legge regionale n. 86 del 20 dicembre 2016 "Testo unico del sistema...

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Elenchi aggiornati periodicamente Gli elenchi suddivisi per provincia e pubblicati ai fini di pubblicità e statistica, sono periodicamente aggiornati sulla base dei dati...

Euromeeting 2008

VI edition

Euromeeting 2008

Together for a more sustainable tourism
The international debate on issues linked to sustainable tourism has continued with the 2008 edition of Euromeeting
During last year’s edition of Euromeeting, a Florence Charter was approved, the Memorandum of Understanding called Towards a European Network for Sustainable and Competitive Tourism, backed by numerous regions (23, at the moment), universities and support organisations which intend to put into practice the provisions of the European Agenda for competitive and sustainable tourism, and create a network of top-level destinations. The network of regions for sustainable and competitive tourism (whose acronym is NECSTouR) has, in the meantime, become a reality and therefore, and therefore the 2008 edition of Euromeeting concentrates on the structure of the network and its objectives, with particular focus on the operational model proposed by the network that is based on two crossover benchmarks - social dialogue and measurement, and on the importance of applied research.
High-level speakers from regional, national, european and international organizations have given their contribution to the discussion on the issues the network has committed itself to tackle with an holistic approach: quality of life of residents, tourists and workers, better distribution of tourist flows, active conservation of cultural and natural heritage and identities of the destinations, transport and mobility. As far as regards measurement, a relevant issue which arose from the seminar is that of the role of the Universities as suppliers of knowdledge and their possible contribution to the network.

Speakers presentations
Memorandum of understanding
European agenda for a sustainable and competitive tourism
Previous edition: Euromeeting 2007
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